The Sacred Music of G. I. Gurdjieff

Carolyn Margrete, Piano

Carolyn Margrete is a pianist, composer and teacher who has been associated with the performance and study of the music of Gurdjieff for more than 20 years. For this recording she has chosen pieces which she particularly relates to and feels express the unusual qualities of this sacred music.

The pieces were selected form the following books: Seekers of the Truth, Rituals of a Sufi Order, Sacred Hymns, Chants and Rhythms of the Orient, Journey to Inaccessible Places, and Chants and Dances of the Seids.

Side OneSide Two
Seekers - no. 13Sacred Hymn - no. 4
Seekers - no. 12Seids - no. 9
Inaccessible Places - no. 4Seids - no. 7
Sacred Hymn - no. 16Assorian Chant
Sacred Hymn - no. 15Armenian Chant
The BagpipersInaccessible Places - no. 1
The Berger KurdsSufi Order - no. 1
Chant of the FisherwomenSeekers - no. 9
Assyrian Women MournersSeekers - no. 6
Sacred Hymn - no. 14

The Sacred Music of G. I. Gurdjieff
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