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Maurice Nicoll


In 1921, Dr. Maurice Nicoll was Jung's leading exponent when he met P. D. Ouspensky. The following year, he went to the Prieuré to study directly with Gurdjieff. He afterwards resumed his psychiatric practice in London and studied under Ouspensky until 1931 when Ouspensky gave him permission to teach.

Combining Good and Truth, Now: A Homage to Maurice Nicoll

The author, Bob Hunter, was a student of Beryl Pogson—Maurice Nicoll’s secretary and biographer. He emphasizes that Nicoll’s “special contribution to the Fourth Way is that his teaching, by leavening the method transmitted by P. D. Ouspensky, helps people to value the Work [and] showed how to see the good of it.”

The Museum of Work

“The Work, when not specifically applied, comes to resemble nothing but a museum full of a number of things. People wander about in it, now looking at a case labeled ‘Higher Centers’—which appears to be quite empty—and then looking at a tall wire construction consisting of circles labeled ‘Ray of Creation,’ which they view with great disfavor.”

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