Gurdjieff International Review

Four Talks on “Time”

By Paul E. Anderson

These talks have been taken from tape recordings of meetings led by Paul and Naomi Anderson and were delivered to a specific audience—individuals immersed in the reading, contemplation, and application of the ideas contained within Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The following talks on “Time” refer directly to the text contained in Chapter 16, “The Relative Understanding of Time.” [G.I.R. Ed.]

By Russell Huff

It is, of course, impossible to convey in written form the experience of direct presentation, at the proper moment, by a teacher. Nevertheless, here an attempt has been made to preserve the stylistic flavor of Mr. Anderson’s talks. He had a great gift for communication, but in this he differed greatly from the superficial or formatory styles which we have been taught to associate with “clarity.” He had achieved that level where speech becomes the bridge of presence from being to being. His talks invariably sank deeply into the psyche of the listener, to be revitalized later—perhaps many years later—with a stunning impact.

A Note on Time
Conway, May 10, 1975

Time, the ‘Merciless Heropass,’ is meted out for us all. And it is so doled out that we have only limited amounts. Yet we act as if this were not so… Our attitude about Time does not reflect any of its real meaning and real point… Time is a very important thing for us to understand in this Work, and especially the idea that it is doled out; and that it is connected with the law of ‘Trogoautoegocrat’ and with the operation of the universe as we conceive it from our standpoint. Also, since Time is meted out to us, and since there is a limit to it, and since we are in the Work, we must never, never miss the opportunity of taking advantage of what is before us at any moment … because it may never come back again in that way, and you may never have the opportunity to experience it, and, once having lost it, you will not be able to get it back…

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