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Martin Benson


Martin Benson - by Carl Lehmann-Haupt

Martin Benson met Gurdjieff in France in the early 1930s. He experimented with farming methods in Europe, and his original and inventive ideas were behind studies at Mendham and Armonk including glass-blowing, iron work, and the creation of an Aeolian wind harp.

There’s a Definite Sound - by Carl Lehmann-Haupt

In an excerpt from his recent book Martin Benson Speaks, Carl Lehmann-Haupt’s describes how Martin Benson “believed that we humans are capable of being attuned to one another, as the strings of an instrument are. When there is sufficient purity of intent in our work together, a significant sound may be heard.”

Martin Benson at Armonk - by Roger Lipsey

A poem about Martin Benson which evokes the presence of this one-of-a kind man of the earth and teacher. “You caught what you could and put it in your bag, knowing that it didnít add up to a whole, but represented the whole directly.”

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