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Sources of books, journals, and music

Readers new to this subject will find suggested reading lists in our Bibliographies section. The authority and reliability of the material offered by these booksellers varies widely.

Bennett Books

Bennett Books offers a full line of in-print books, tapes, and music in the Gurdjieff and Fourth Way Tradition, including the J. G. Bennett Tape library compiled from talks given at the Sherborne Academy for Continuous Education. Bennett Books also organizes and sponsors educational programs. Bennett Books specializes in books & tapes by and about John G. Bennett.

By The Way Books

Sell, buy, or trade books related to mysticism, philosophy, religion/theology, classics, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and the Fourth Way, Thomas Merton, Walt Whitman, fine press books, literature and poetry.

Eureka Books and Editions

Based in the Netherlands, Eureka specializes in esoteric books—both new and antiquarian.

Fields Books

Soulful and scholarly books from the world's spiritual traditions.

Gurdjieff Books and Music

Gurdjieff Books and Music is based in Portland, Oregon. They offer books pertaining to G.I. Gurdjieff and his teaching, as well as recordings of music composed by him and by Thomas de Hartmann.


FindersCheapers is one of the largest used, rental, new, and electronic price comparison websites in the United States.

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