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Forest Temple of Hard Work and Rough Food.

by E. C. Bowyer

[Number 1 of 4]

[The first of four articles by journalist E. C. Bowyer, the Daily News (London) Feb. 15, 1923, p. 1. Bowyer describes Gurdjieff's Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man which had opened five months earlier. The article begins with a description of the Study House and the spartan daily life at the Prieuré. Bowyer is shown around by A. R. Orage, who he interviews and quotes.]

Famous Disciples.

In the following article a Special Correspondent of the Daily News reveals some of the leading facts relating to a remarkable new cult which has attracted to itself many Englishmen and Englishwomen bearing well-known and even famous names. The leader of the movement is Gurdjieff, an Eastern philosopher-mystic, and the article describes the "Study House" in the historic Forest of Fontainebleau, some 40 miles from Paris, where his disciples follow a course of hard work and harder fare.…

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