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Aesthetic Aids to Meditation.

by E. C. Bowyer

[Number 3 of 4]

[The third of four articles by journalist E. C. Bowyer, the Daily News (London) Feb. 17, 1923, pp. 1, 3. Bowyer describes the "gorgeous" interior of the Study House and the rhythmic exercises practiced there.]


From Our Special Correspondent, E. C. Bowyer.


LATE last night for the first time I saw Gurdjieff. It was after midnight, and I found him in the "Study-House", where, to the sound of strange music, he was directing the rhythmic exercises being carried out by a score of his men and women students. I had gone first to the Priory. Here I found that the long day of toil prescribed by the regime was not yet ended, and members of the company were still hard at work carrying out necessary household duties. But it was to see the Master I had come. The man who stepped forward to meet me as I entered the Study-House is of medium height, well-proportioned and looking about 50. His features are unmistakably Eastern, and their expression when in repose is mild and placable, while his eyes would be remarkable anywhere for their brilliance. He was wearing a black sheepskin cap, with ordinary Western clothes.…

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