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Rodney Collin-Smith


Rodney Collin-Smith was a prominent pupil of P. D. Ouspensky. There is no record of him ever meeting Gurdjieff.

Rodney Collin: A Man Who Wished To Do Something With His Life

“Ouspensky’s role, actions, understanding and level of being have often been the subject of debate. Historical data can be contradictory and the facts are often disputable. A bystander’s experience may collide with rumors, speculations, half-truths, slander and historical investigation. An unpublished manuscript by Rodney Collin, given to me by the daughter of one of Ouspensky’s older students, indicates that some published interpretations may be incorrect.”

Attempts to Divide Attention

“I saw that the problem consisted in directing attention on oneself without weakening or obliterating the attention directed on something else. Moreover this ‘something else’ could as well be within me as outside me.”

Publications by Rodney Collin-Smith

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