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Michel Conge


Dr. Conge was a French physician and prominent french pupil of Gurdjieff.

Michel Conge - A Tribute by Some of His Senior Pupils

Dr. Michel Conge met René Daumal and Mme. de Salzmann in 1942, and shortly afterwards, Mr. Gurdjieff. After Gurdjieff’s death, Michel formed his own groups in Paris, Vichy, Reims, Strasbourg, Israel and Brazil, and was an active member of the Institut Gurdjieff in Paris.

Facing Mr. Gurdjieff by Michel Conge

In this penetratingly evocative account, Michel Conge shares with us impressions of what it was like to be in the presence of Gurdjieff, to be a direct recipient of the inner shocks that he induced, shocks which revealed the uncompromising truth of one’s inner state, yet Gurdjieff brought this about in such a way that he left room for Mr. Conge to experience the reality of his being.

Record of a Search: Working with Michel Conge in France

A French physician and pupil of Gurdjieff, Michel Conge led groups in Paris for many years until his death in 1984. These excerpts from group meetings are taken from Ricardo Guillon’s recently published book, Record of a Search: Working with Michel Conge in France.

The Role of Attention in Self-Liberation

“This body-machine has been given to me so that I can try and recognize myself as attention, and so that, at this level of ordinary life, three unconnected currents of attention can come together.”

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