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Vivien Healey was born in London, March 11, 1925. She came to the Work early in life, through her parents who were followers of Ouspensky. Her father was an English businessman, her mother Estelle was born in Tallahasee, FL. Vivien was a frequent visitor to Gadsen and Lyne Place. When WWII broke out, her father sent her to New York, by convoy. She went to Franklin Farms at Mendham, NJ, and became an exceptional student of the Movements. After finishing at Vassar College, in upstate New York, when she heard that Gurdjieff was alive and in Paris, she went straight there. She met Gurdjieff on March 13, 1949. She became one of the “calves”, the young women Gurdjieff liked to invite along on his road trips to places like Carnac or Lascaux or Cannes. In 1953 Vivien married Pierre Elliot. At Sherborne she taught Movements. In 1975 she moved to Claymont, with Pierre, and renewed contacts with friends in the Gurdjieff Foundation as well as with Ouspenky’s daughter. Pierre and Vivien traveled all over the world. She had a facility with learning foreign languages. Vivien Elliot died in Lewes, Sussex, England, on Thankgiving Day, 2011. After all, she was half American!   –Hugh Elliot

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