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Great Harmonizer Tuning Up

Gurdjieff, Levantine Expert on Food, Drink and Idiocies, Picks New York City for Culture.

The New York Sun, January 27, 1931

THE GREAT HARMONIZER received The Sun reporter in Apartment Q, one of the six apartments which he maintains at 204 West Fifty-ninth street. A curious group of folk sat around the long, narrow luncheon table, bare but spread with exotic foods—stuffed vine leaves, pungent soups, bear meat, Asiatic fruits and luscious melons. A bearded man who spoke nothing but Russian, and that only occasionally, sat at one end. Two lovely Oriental-eyed children sat next to him.

The Great Harmonizer, massive and solid, with shaved head and great walrus whiskers, held down the other end, and between were several women, each of a different nationality, each garbed in a colorful costume, one in a sort of flowing Asiatic garment, long earrings and a colorful sari.…

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