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Olga de Hartmann


Olga de Hartmann: Final Journey of a Remarkable Woman - by Diane Marron

Olga de Hartmann chose to spend the last part of her luminous life on a 7,000-foot-high plateau in Northern New Mexico. Diane Marron vividly descibes her memories and experiences of working with Mme. de Hartmann during these years.

Olga de Hartmann - by Thomas C. Daly and Thomas A. G. Daly

Olga de Hartmann was a major figure in the transmission of the teachings of Gurdjieff. Having met Gurdjieff in 1917, she worked with him intensely in very trying and even dangerous conditions until 1929. She was Gurdjieff’s private secretary for many of these years and often helped with his writings.

Attention Is Absolutely Indispensable - by Olga de Hartmann

“Mr. Gurdjieff made it clear that if we didn’t study attention—not study in the ordinary way, but putting all our attention on developing that attention—we would arrive nowhere.”

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