Gurdjieff International Review

Attention Is Our Only Weapon

From the Notes of Jane Heap

You must try very much to realize where you place your attention.


Try to understand more the part that has to be played by your active attention and the part played by your passive or negative resistance.


Put attention inside.

Easy to lose – we know a different moment: a different state in which we realize that everything could be different – then again in grip of something negative and we have practically forgotten just like the memory of a dream – and we start again. There we could respect more and keep more – as long as I am outside myself there is nothing to be done – just nothing. I may sometimes dream that I work, but I am on the surface and I just dream – or something goes a little inside – I know I have shifted my position then begins the experience. Ought to be very, very aware of this – then begins my experience when a current of attention towards inside is undoubtedly established; I shift my position from outside to relatively inside – then begins my experience.

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These excerpts are from The Notes of Jane Heap: A selection of notes made by Jane Heap for talks to her groups on the practice of the teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff, London: a limited edition of 100 copies printed in 1983 for private distribution under the direction of Michael Currer-Briggs.

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