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Kathryn Hulme


Author of The Nun’s Story, The Wild Place, and Undiscovered Country (a description of her years with Gurdjieff). A woman of boundless energy, she was also an astute and perceptive observer of life around her.

An Inner-World Journey

In this essay we accompany the author who is led on an inner-world journey by Mr. Gurdjieff. “Man has three worlds . . . you must make intentional contact between outer-world struggle and inner-world struggle; only then can you make data for the Third World of Man, sometimes called World of the Soul.”

No Harem: Gurdjieff and the Women of The Rope - by Rob Baker

Rob Baker sketches a group of strong-willed women, mostly writers who also happened to be lesbians, that Gurdjieff worked with from 1936—including Solita Solano, Kathryn Hulme, Margaret Anderson, Jane Heap, and Georgette Leblanc. First published here, Baker draws on the extensive research he is conducting for a forthcoming book on The Rope.

“Must Have Attention”

“Gurdjieff said, ‘Must have attention. What is attention? Attention is working together of association of thought with association of feeling. Memory working together with sensing makes attention.’”

Kathryn Hulme - by Ellen Reynard

Kathryn Hulme, author of The Nun’s Story, met Gurdjieff in Paris in the 1930s. There, she participated in the meetings of “The Women of the Rope,” an experience she described in her book, Undiscovered Country. After Gurdjieff’s death, Kathryn converted to Catholicism.

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