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Henriette H. Lannes

An original sketch by James Moore. "That the Work in England is today so firmly established is preponderantly owed to one woman. Active in London for nearly three decades; coping with all the difficulties of exile and a foreign language; subsuming the powerful resistance which any powerful affirmation lawfully evokes — this remarkable human being guaranteed here the Work's ethos, dynamic, and trajectory. Her name was Henriette Lannes."

To Recognize a Master by Henriette Lannes

Madame Lannes describes the powerfully unsettling and awakening impact that Gurdjieff’s person and teaching had on her. She emphasizes that Gurdjieff’s legacy is the possibility, through his teaching, of realizing that “We have to recognize a master in ourselves.”

Attention Is the Fire of Our Being

“Try to work regularly and methodically, and to relax all the parts of your body. Try to open yourself to a quality of attention that can penetrate you. Understand that this is more important than anything in the world.”

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