Louise March, 1985

Gurdjieff International Review

G. Gurdjieff: A Call for Attention to his Life and Work

By Louise March

On October 29, 1949 a most extraordinary man died in Paris: G. Gurdjieff, mourned by friends and students around the world. He died as his first book was being published in four countries—a symbol, so to say, of the anonymity he kept and wanted toward the greater public, though his radius of influence reached to Tibet, across Europe and to America. Behind him he left the world a fourfold legacy:

  1. His writings
  2. His music
  3. His movements and sacred dances
  4. A well-prepared tradition through his older students

To me, as the only living German-speaking disciple and translator of his writings into German, falls the task to point to Gurdjieff (even if very inadequately) for all my brothers who speak the same language…

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