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Meetings with Remarkable Men

Regarding this series, Gurdjieff said, "With the contents of the second series of books to prove that there exist other ways of perceiving reality, and to indicate their direction." All serious followers of Gurdjieff's teaching are encouraged to study this book. Gurdjieff's friendly advice is to read each of his written expositions at least thrice.

First published in the USA 1963 by E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc., 201 Park Ave. South, New York, NY. Copyright 1963 by Editions Janus. Written in Russian, the manuscript of this book was begun in 1927 and revised by the author over a period of many years. The first english translation by A. R. Orage has been revised and reworked from the Russian for this publication.

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Meetings with Remarkable Men


Commentary on Meetings with Remarkable Men

Commentary by Terry Winter Owens first issued by University Books in their Mystic Arts Book News Number 82 [1965]. "It is an adventure of the mind—growing, being formed, setting out after inner knowledge, discovering it and putting it to the test of practice. Thus it is an adventure in two worlds, and it will be the reader's delight and enrichment to discern where one world ends and the other begins."

Gurdjieff’s Self-Revelation: A review of Meetings with Remarkable Men

This review of Meetings with Remarkable Men by Manuel Rainoird was first published in French in Critique (Paris), No. XVI (162), November, 1960, at the same time as publication of Gurdjieff’s book in French. In this first English translation, Rainoird’s thoughtful observations include both Meetings with Remarkable Men and Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson.

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