Bernard Metz, circa 1930

Gurdjieff International Review

On Man's Place
in the Scheme of Things

Between the Planets and the Moon

by Bernard Metz

[This review of P. D. Ouspensky's, In Search of the Miraculous, was first published in The Christian Register, Boston, Vol. CXXIX (1), January 1950. Bernard Metz was one of Gurdjieff's translators and personal secretaries at the Prieuré for about a decade. Recalling the essential questions of human existence, he describes Gurdjieff's approach to these questions and conveys a sense of the tremendous scale and range of subjects surveyed by Gurdjieff.]
Who has not at moments of "awakening" stopped to ponder on the meaning and purpose of existence; of this inescapable round of little pleasure, much pain and more monotony to be ended only by death; of working to have the means to eat and eating to have the strength to work; of laboring to rebuild what we destroy and destroying what we rebuild?…

[The complete text is available in the printed copy of this issue.]

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