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C. Stanley Nott


In 1923, C. S. Nott first met Gurdjieff and A. R. Orage in New York. At the Prieuré, Nott experienced sustained and intense periods of inner work with Gurdjieff. He was also a close associate of Orage, Dr. Stjoernval, Thomas de Hartmann and later Ouspensky.

Beelzebub's Tales: Fifty Years Later

Denis Saurat visited the Prieuré for a weekend in February 1923 and published a skeptical account in his essay, A Visit to Gourdyev. Saurat later revised his opinion of Gurdjieff and his teaching and came to recognize Beelzebub's Tales as a major work. Written shortly after its publication in 1950, and, as timely today as it was then, Saurat comments on what he regards as the book's central themes and speculates about its long term impact.

A Talk on the Dances

This excerpt provides C. S. Nott’s vivid account of a 1947 talk in Paris on movements given “by an older pupil who was Gurdjieff’s ‘right hand.’”

Begin With Small Things

“People in general have no real attention. What they think of as attention is only self-tensing. First you must strive to acquire attention.”

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