Gurdjieff International Review

The Needs of the Earth

Jeanne de Salzmann


he Earth is in exchange with higher levels of existence. For this an apparatus is needed. Mankind is that apparatus. This exchange is not automatic; it requires work.

Without man the Earth cannot receive the energy from a higher level. So, if some people work consciously, they assist the descent of this energy. Otherwise, there is discord on the Earth. One can sense it.

It is important to bring the body and the mind—a different mind, not the usual mind—to the same rate of vibration. Then there is a relationship, as between a man and a woman, and a child can be produced—a new feeling. Higher energy is there, but we do not receive it because we are fragmented. The purpose of man’s existence on the Earth is to allow the exchange of energy between the Earth and higher levels of existence. That is not possible without the relationship between the body and the mind.

Man has a special function, which other creatures cannot fulfill. He can serve the Earth by becoming a bridge for certain higher energies. Without this the Earth cannot live properly. But man, as he is by nature, is not complete. In order to fulfill his proper function he needs to develop. There is a part in him which is unsatisfied by his life. Through religious or spiritual traditions he may become aware what this part needs.

The whole universe is made up of forces and energies. They have to be in relationship with one another. The Earth has its own level of energy; it needs human beings for the purposes of right relationship with other energies. This is what man is meant to serve.

To be able to bring higher energy in contact with the Earth, man must have a harmonious relationship—a right exchange—among his centres. Everything is in movement. The energies of our centres are in movement too, but not in harmony with each other.

The world needs certain vibrations which are produced only when some people work intentionally.

Man can serve the Earth by becoming a link between two levels. He can receive energy from a higher level in order to have an action on the level below; not a reaction.

The Earth needs conscious work. It is in need of higher energy. If I do not let the higher energy descend to the Earth through this body, how else will it come down?

The most important thing is conscious attention—finer and finer, stronger and stronger.

The body is not the most important thing. The important thing is the real I, which is independent of the physical body. But the body is very necessary because the higher energy needs the body in order to manifest itself. The body is needed so that the I can have an action. The I can create a new body if the connection is strong enough, that is to say, if one permits the higher energy to pass into me. The conscious response or attention, which arises from the me, which is personal, serves as a thread for connecting the I and the me. The I is not personal. The I can awaken me and serve the Earth. The Earth as a whole has need of more conscious energy.

It is necessary to face the idea that the Earth will fall if we do not work. This will help your work and help you understand that your work is necessary. □

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