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Dr. William J. Welch


Dr. William Welch attended Gurdjieff at his death and was President of the Gurdjieff Foundation in New York, succeeding John Pentland.

William & Louise Welch

Patty Welch Llosa provides a candid glimpse of her parents as well as an account of their roles as leaders of Gurdjieff groups.

For Dr. William J. Welch

Roger Lipsey’s eulogy of Dr. Welch is deeply felt and conveys a life vibrantly lived. It was delivered during Dr. Welch’s funeral at St. Thomas church in New York City on July 12, 1997 and here includes biographical details that were unnecessary on that occasion.

The Death of Gurdjieff

Dr. Welch recounts Gurdjieff’s last few days before his death on October 29, 1949. “What can one learn from the death of a man who was indeed a man? He had lived with the inevitability of his death a daily reality to him, yet he lived, if ever a man did, to the full.”

Dr. Welch Reads Beelzebub

Gurdjieff advises us to read each of his written expositions thrice, the second time “as if you were reading aloud to another person.” Now, 50 years after its first publication, Beelzebub’s Tales “as read by Dr. [William] Welch, is soon to be released in compact disc format. In this recording, we hear an authentic voice, resonant, powerful, deep and rich.”

Staying with Emptiness

“Just because the candle sputters sometimes, doesn’t mean it’s going out. In strong winds and in light rain it can be dampened a little, but it can be re-lighted.”

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