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Louise March



One evening in early 1929, Lousie March was invited to the studios of Carnegie Hall, where Gurdjieff was hosting a recital of piano music. By late spring, she found herself crossing the Atlantic to live and study at his Institute for the Harmonious Development in France.

Louise March — by the Rochester Folk Art Guild

Louise March was Gurdjieff’s only follower fluent in German, and the translation of Beelzebub’s Tales into that language fell largely to her. In the late 1950s, she established a community in upper state New York named the Rochester Folk Art Guild. A group of her pupils offer a brief account of her life followed by selections of her writing and sayings.

G. Gurdjieff: A Call for Attention to his Life and Work

In the summer of 1950, Louise March wrote an essay for the German audience entitled, “G. Gurdjieff: Ein Hinweis auf Sein Leben und Werk.” Although translated in 1984 by the author, this introductory essay has never before been published in English.

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