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Gurdjieff: a Reading Guide

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by J. Walter Driscoll

Since Gurdjieff: an annotated bibliography by J. Walter Driscoll and the Gurdjieff Foundation of California was published with 363 pages by Garland Press in New York (1985) several hundred more writings about Gurdjieff have been issued. Work on an exhaustive second edition has been underway since the first went out of print in 1994. It will require a few more years to complete.

Gurdjieff: a Reading Guide draws from its 1985 predecessor and is a distillation of the English language research for the forthcoming second edition of the exhaustive bibliography. An introductory essay provides a biographical sketch and relates the main points of Gurdjieff's life to his writings and the key books about him. Chapter One describes the various editions of Gurdjieff's books and thoughtfully annotates them for readers to whom they are unfamiliar. Chapter Two contains full bibliographic descriptions and detailed annotations of some eighty key books about Gurdjieff, the ones that seriously interested readers will want to know about and choose their reading from. Chapter Three describes sixty-nine articles selected from the first eight issues of the Gurdjieff International Review.

Gurdjieff: a Reading Guide is published by Gurdjieff Electronic Publishing of Los Altos, California in a limited edition of 400 copies for private distribution. It contains 38 pages and is printed as an 8.5" x 11" side stapled booklet using the same high-resolution laser printing process employed for issues of the Gurdjieff International Review. The original cover image of G. I. Gurdjieff is by international composer and artist, Terry W. Owens. Copies of Gurdjieff: a Reading Guide are $12 U.S. each, plus shipping, and can be ordered from the author at his bookstore Biblio-Trove.

Who can tell where a guide who does not know may lead a man?

G.I. Gurdjieff

Happily for us, Walter Driscoll brings to his compact Gurdjieff: A Reading Guide more than 20 years assiduous reading and bibliographic research; like the exemplary man who can make a really "good cup of coffee or a really good pair of boots," Driscoll actually commands his subject. His range is exhilarating and his value judgements testify to a spirit striving decently for impartiality. Whether as a field-map for the newest recruit to Gurdjieff studies, or as an aide-memoire for the most seasoned campaigner, I commend this unique guide without reservation.

James Moore

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